Report Synopsis

In accordance with European requirements regarding disclosure of results of clinical trials, the results of Servier-sponsored interventional clinical trials will be freely available on (with the exception of phase 1 trials in adults). Results will be posted within 1 year of completion of the trial (i.e. after the last visit of the last patient) or 6 months for a pediatric trial.


Disclosed clinical trial information will include a description of the trial design and methodology, as well as results on the primary outcome and safety. This information will be published as a summary of the clinical study report.


The results of clinical trials on investigational products for which development has stopped will be posted within 1 year after discontinuation.


For partnered products, information will be provided depending on the agreement with the partner.


In the case of trials supported by Servier, but performed by another party, for example, trials for which Servier supplied an investigational product and/or financial support, but had no further role in the conduct of the trial, the publication or posting of any results or information is the responsibility of the other party.


To consult to the synopsis of the clinical study report for a trial on one of our products, please click here.